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Bellagio Nail Policy

Effective February 02, 2022

Bellagio Nail New Security Deposit Policy: All Customer:

For every customer, a $10 deposit will be requested. The deposit will be deducted from the service being paid for. Group Appointments:


Starting at 2 services or more, $10 will be charged per service.

If more than one service is booked and canceled at any given time, it will result in a $10 fee per service. Appointments:

When Scheduling an appointment, please know what design you would like. We will NOT schedule you until you have chosen the desired design. Once you have chosen a design, please help us by sending it to our shop phone number (801)602-1668 If you schedule a 2-hour appointment to receive a design on your nails and change your mind at the last minute. You will be charged a fee of $10.


From Monday to Sunday if an appointment is missed or 10 minutes late, a fee will be requested of $10 per service, and a security deposit will be requested starting at $10. If you are 10 minutes late or canceling last minute, we will keep the deposit. Please, call in to let us know.

A cancellation/reschedule after 6 hours or a no-show will result in a fee starting at $10. If your appointment is from 10 am to 2 pm, please call the day before. If an appointment is made the same day of the service being provided. The customer is given one courtesy hour to secure their appointment when sending the security deposit. ***Bellagio Nails is NOT responsible for any broken, chipped, or peeled nails after 4 days of service provided. This applies to full sets and gel manicures. We are not responsible for fills at all unless it is to fix the color.*

No Refund


You are paying for the artist's time, product and other expenses used to provide you with a service. No refund will be given for any reason on services or products. If you are unhappy with a service, you may contact us within 48 hours of your appointment to discuss your concerns and if a fix can be done to address your concerns, it will be done with a complimentary express touch up if it is at the fault of application or product. Any concerns addressed after 48 hours of your last appointment, or if you failed to follow the proper aftercare instructions, will be charged at full price for the service.

If the customer has a complaint about the treatment or product, it must be reported as soon as possible but no later than within 4 working days after discovery in writing or by telephone to the nail shop. (Bellagio Nail) must

give the complainant adequate response within 4 working days. If a complaint is justified, the nail shop will perform the as agreed on treatment


Cashapp & Venmo: @Bellagio777 PayPal: Zelle & Apple Pay 928-287-0377 (Jay Truong)

Send your name, time, and date of appointment attached to the security deposit, if possible.

* Please feel free to contact me at 9282870377 if you have any further information. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your business!

Manager Jay"